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New PhD students group: BIG (bioinformatics interest group)

A small group of RIGeL and RNA Biology students, recently founded a 'bioinformatics interest group' - short 'big' - with the intention to bring together young researchers with an interest in bioinformatics. We realised that there are plenty of people working in different fields of bioinformatics but they hardly know each other or what others do, so we are missing out on a lot of synergistic benefits! Therefore, we think such a group is an ideal opportunity to get to know each other, network, learn from each other and maybe solve problems together. We also plan to host external speakers and create a 'knowledge base'-website. We already got some interesting speakers with Prof. Dr. Carsten Daub (Karolinska Institut Stockholm) and Prof. Dr. Tomaz Curk (University of Ljubljana) to come to Regensburg. In future we plan to offer small practical courses to each other, so we can benefit from our individual experiences and expert knowledge.

We invite you to join 'big' if you are interested in bioinformatics in general or if you feel like you can contribute to our quite ambitious project. We would be happy to become a motivated bunch of like-minded students!

You can find us here:


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