Get an insight into different research areas of the Faculty of Biology and Preclinical Medicine as well as the Faculty of Medicine!
We are happy to announce our new RIGeL Lecture Series - Current Concepts in Biology!
With this new lecture series we would like to give you an overview about the current research topics of the working groups of the faculties Biology and Preclinical Medicine and Medicine as well as state-of-the-art methods which are used in the different groups.
We plan 7 to 8 lectures per semester. Joining the lecture series is possible at any time, you don't have to register. If you have attended at least 6 lectures you will receive 0.5 CP for the RIGeL Curriculum as a Method Course! Attending the 6 lectures over several semesters is possible!
Be curious about our new lecture series with speakers from both faculties on current research topics!
Following dates and topics are scheduled:
06.12. | Fighting Malaria
13.12. | CAR T cells
10.01. | The love hormone oxytocin
17.01. | Nanopore Technology
24.01. | Regulating proteins with light
31.01. | Current concepts to replace animal testing in biomedical research
07.02. | Development of Novel Crops
14.02. | Single-cell sequencing technologies