With the Frauen.MI*N*T.Gründungsgeist initiative, we would like to invite female scientists (master's students, doctoral students, postdocs) from the MINT subjects (mathematics - computer science - natural sciences - technology) to analyze the innovative potential of their scientific work and to strengthen their entrepreneurial personality. For this purpose, we offer qualification workshops and reward promising transfer ideas with an award.
The qualification program includes two online workshop modules, which are carried out in cooperation with the nationwide network Young Entrepreneurs in Science. In the first module "Your Entrepreneurial Empowerment Journey", participants can discover their own entrepreneurial skills and develop strategies to implement them. Video snippets of successful MINT founders and a direct exchange in the form of a Q&A with successful female founders from the universities offer interesting insights and opportunities for networking.
In the second module "Your Research Canvas" the participants learn to look at their research work from an entrepreneurial point of view, to identify relevant stakeholders and to recognize the innovation potential. Based on this, a "use case" can be developed.
In order to give women scientists more visibility, a "Frauen.MI*N*T.Gründungsgeist AWARD" is also being advertised. This awards promising transfer concepts based on research and theses by women in the MINT subjects (Faculties: Mathematics, Computer Science & Data Science, Physics, Chemistry & Pharmacy, Biology & Preclinical Medicine and Medicine).
Deadline for Women.MI*N*T.Founding Spirit AWARD: 15.01.2024
AWARD ceremony: mid of February 2024
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