This year's first Summer School took place from 19th to 21st of June in the monastery of Ensdorf. After a bus ride of about an hour, we arrived in Theuern, where our team event started. Like last year, this year we also went on a canoe trip on the beautiful Vils. Fortunately, the effects of the floods from two weeks ago were no longer visible. Although one boat unfortunately capsized, this did not dampen the mood and everyone arrived safely in Ensdorf at around 12:30.

After a short shower and refreshment with coffee and cake, our scientific program started with the first talk session. In the evening, we could enjoy the European Championship football match between Germany and Hungary on the big screen in the seminar room.

On the second day, the program continued with the poster and talk sessions. Before the lunch break, we were able to listen to a method lecture by Cytiva on protein chromatography. In the afternoon, Prof. Dr. Konrad Förstner from the ZB Med Köln gave us a very exciting talk on Open Science. He described the current situation of publication practice, pointed out many problems and controversies and showed alternative ways and some possibilities how scientists can or could publish their own research data without commercial journals. We ended the day with a campfire and stick bread.

On the last day we had the last talk session and the last two poster sessions before the voting for the best poster and best talk started. This year's talk prize (50 EUR Altstadtgutschein) went to Sefkan Polat from the Chair of Microbiology for his talk "An unusual constellation of Cas4 variants in a new archaeal isolate". The poster prize (25 EUR Altstadtgutschein each) was shared by Elia Raya (BioMediGS) from the Chair of Experimental Medicine and Therapy Research and Clara Magnus from the Institute of Clinical Microbiology and Hygiene. The best questioners were Marianna Maddaloni, Nicolas Reichhardt, Timea Vadász, Frauke Hoffmann and Elia Raya (10 EUR Altstadtgutschein each).

We look forward to the next Summer School in September!