Mentoring Team

During graduation each PhD student is accompanied by a mentoring team consisting of the supervisor and two mentors. Your two mentors should be experts in the field. Together with the supervisor, they should be able to help you design your PhD project. 
When applying for RIGeL membership, choose your mentoring team and submit their names with your application.


Rules for choosing the mentoring team1:

The mentoring team consists of the supervsior and two mentors.

The supervisor has to be member of the RIGeL Faculty.

At least one of the mentoring team must be a professor or associate professor of the Biology and Preclinical Medicine Faculty.

The second mentor should be an external expert (usually a professor or associate professor) not from the University of Regensburg. This is suggested by the doctoral regulations and strongly recommended by RIGeL. We also suggest that the external mentor is part of the thesis committee. However, the external mentor cannot be the third examiner in the thesis committee (this is excluded by the doctoral regulations). The external mentor can only be the second PhD assessor (Zweitgutachter).

If the supervisor is not a professor or associate professor, than the first mentor must be the head (Professor) of the working group.

No more than two members of the mentoring team can be from the same department.

Only the first mentor can hold a professorship where the PhD project is performed.

At least one of the mentoring team must be a doctor of science (Dr. rer. nat.) or equivalent (e.g. Ph.D.).


1'Promotionsordnung § 35 Abs. 2 (geändert durch Zatzung vom 26. Feb. 2014)'

1Das Fachmentorat besteht aus dem Betreuer des Promotionsvorhabens sowie zwei Mentoren. 2Mindestens ein Mitglied des Fachmentorats muss Hochschullehrer der Fakultät für Biologie und Vorklinische Medizin sein. 3Der zweite Mentor ist in der Regel ein externer Hochschullehrer. 4Sofern die Mentorenfunktion durch einen promovierten, jedoch nicht habilitierten Wissenschaftler wahrgenommen wird, muss der Betreuer Hochschullehrer im Sinne des Art. 2 Abs. 3 Satz 1 BayHSchPG sein. 5Mindestens ein Mitglied des Fachmentorats muss den Grad eines Doktors der Naturwissenschaften (Dr. rer. nat.) oder einen fachlich äquivalenten Doktorgrad besitzen.“