To evaluate the performance during the PhD program credit points have to be collected. In the digital RIGeL Leistungsheft (Achievement Record), all credit points must be documented.

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Advantages of the digital Leistungsheft:

you can update your Leistungsheft online anytime

you can use the service of a digital confirmation of achievements by your supervisor or upload your received certificates/confirmations

all credit points will be evaluated automatically

you can print the Leistungsheft as PDF file anytime


Towards the end of your PhD, before submitting the thesis, the RIGeL Leistungsheft must be submitted and signed by the RIGeL Management Assistant. Of course, the RIGeL Leistungsheft can be checked at any time during the PhD.


Submission requirements of the RIGeL Leistungsheft:

delivery of all Course Attendance and Research Report Forms

all other kind of CP related documentation (certificates, etc.)


Credit Point-System

The CP-value is equivalent to the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS). 1 ECTS corresponds to 25 to 30 hours of work (0.3 CP corresponds to one day of work).

The number of CPs is defined by doctoral regulations. Therefore, it is obligatory to collect all CPs listed below.

An asterisk (*) marks the minimal number of required CPs within each module. Each module requires a minimum of CPs, totaling at least 180 CPs. All credit points must be collected in the RIGeL Leistungsheft and confirmed by the PhD supervisor or by other documentation (certificates, etc.).

Credit Point System (pdf)


Thesis 150 CP
Research Plan - within first 3 months 5 CP
1st Research Report - after 11 to13 months 10 CP
2nd Research Report - after 23 to 25 months* 15 CP
Dissertation 120 CP

* After 4 years of PhD start further Research Reports are mandatory annually. In that case the mandatory amount of CP in Thesis changes (3rd RR: 165 CP, 4th RR: 180 CP).
3rd Research Report - after 47 to 49 months (15 CP)
4th Research Report - after 59 to 61 months (15 CP)

Career Supporting Courses 8 CP*
Method Courses (1 day=0.3 CP; 1/2 day=0.15 CP) 3 CP*
Teaching Assistance** (1 day=0.3 CP;  1/2 day=0.15 CP) 2 CP*
Other Career Supporting Events (1 day=0.3 CP;  1/2 day=0.15 CP) 1 CP*
** Please have in mind that the calculation basis of 0.3 CP/day applies only to student courses. An extra calculation of credit points applies to the individual supervision of students.    
Seminars 14 CP*
Summer Schools (2 CP each) 4 CP*
Progress Reports 5 CP*
Journal Club 5 CP*
Meetings     4 CP*
Conferences/ Meeting participation (2 CP each) 4 CP*
Free Points 4 CP*
Total of Credit Points (minimally required) 180 CP*