Seminars   14 CP*
Summer Schools (2 CP each)    4 CP*
Progress Reports 5 CP*
Journal Club 5 CP*

* minimally required amount of Credit Point


Summer Schools

From 2016 RIGeL organizes crosssectional Summer Schools with the aim to encourage the exchange between the four different RIGeL Sections.

Every PhD student must participate actively in these events at least twice during the PhD. Active participation means that each PhD student should attend at least one talk and one poster presentation. If there is a conflict in dates, please contact the RIGeL coordination office to ask for alternative dates.

For upcoming summer schools please see Summer Academy.

The participation in Summer Academies must be documented with the certificate of the organizer.


Progress Reports

Regular progress reports in front of the work-group and other scientists are important exercises to practice presentation style and to evaluate data and scientific questions. We suggest that every PhD student presents her/his ongoing work at least 3 times per year in the form of a progress report.

The participation in progress reports must be confirmed with the progress report form signed by the supervisor.


Journal Club

Journal clubs serve to train the evaluation and presentation of scientific studies. Students must attend their work-group’s journal club for at least 75% of the seminars per year, presenting a paper at least once a year. Each work-group organizes its own progress reports and journal clubs in which PhD students participate, giving presentations on a regular basis.

The participation in Journal Clubs must be confirmed with the Journal Club attendance form signed by the supervisor.