Section Coordinators & PhD Representatives

Section coordinator responsibilities

The Section Coordinator represents RIGeL within each section. Furthermore, he or she is the contact person for RIGeL management within each section.

The Section Coordinator has participation rights in the distribution of the RIGeL finances, innovations and structural changes.

The Section Coordinator is responsible for the organization of the annual Summer Academy.

The Section Coordinator should be contacted by the student representatives if specific requests, issues or problems arise. They will communicate eventual problems to the Managing Director.

The Section Coordinator can be contacted by PhD students if specific problems arise during the PhD he/she doesn't want to discuss with the supervisor or with the management office.


PhD Representative responsibilities

The PhD representative represents the interests of the PhD students of each section on the Scientific Advisory Board.

The PhD representative has participation rights in the distribution of the RIGeL finances, innovations and structural changes.



Prof. Dr. Hayo Castrop
Section Coordinator (since Dec. '12)

Room: VKL 4.1.33
Phone: +49 941 943-2967
Email: hayo[at]

Prof. Dr. Matthias Mack
Section Coordinator (since Jan. '09)

Room: Universitätsklinikum,
Forschungsbau H1 Raum 10
Phone: +49 941 944-7315


Jasmin Gille
PhD Representative (since Apr. '20)

Room: D2.3.65 (Universitätsklinik)
Phone: +49 941 944 6479.
Email: jasmin.gille[at]


Cellular Biochemistry and Biophysics

PD Dr. Jan Medenbach
Section Coordinator (since Oct. '15)

Room: VKL1 1.31
Phone: +49 941 943-1721
Email: jan[at]


Michael Jüttner
PhD Representative (since Jan. '20)

Room: VKL 5.0.17
Phone: +49 (941) 943 2493
Email: michael.juettner[at]

Alice Griselin
PhD Representative (since Jan. '20)

Room: VKL 1.1.04
Phone: +49 (941) 943 2825
Email: alice.griselin[at]










Molecular Ecology and Evolution

Prof. Dr. Joachim Ruther
Section Coordinator (since Mar. '13)

Room: WN_D4._1.309
Phone: +49 941 943-2151
Email: joachim.ruther[at]


Lina Pedraza
PhD Representative (since Sep. '19)

Room: WN_ D4.1.315
Phone: +49 941 943 2461
Email: lina.pedraza[at]












Prof. Dr. Rudolf Fuchshofer
Section Coordinator (since Feb. '13)

Phone: +49 941 943-2881
Email: rudolf.fuchshofer[at]


Ramona Pawlak
PhD Representative (since March '22)

Phone: +49 941 943-2914
Email: ramona.pawlak[at]



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