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What we provide

RIGeL Summer Academy organizes the annual Summer Academy. This entails the choice of venue, the elaboration of the scientific program as well as the invitation of external speakers.

From 2016 RIGeL organizes crosssectional Summer Schools with the aim to encourage the exchange between the four different RIGeL Sections.


Group members

Julia Greindl-Junghans - Section Biomedicine (since November 2016)

Patricia Krickl - Section MEE (since June 2017)

Lisa Lucke - Section Biomedicine (since June 2017)

Sandra Meisinger - Section Biomedicine (since June 2017)

Nicole Schäfer - BIOMEDIGS (since February 2017)

Sabrina Schmitt - Section Neurobiology

Barbara Schwertner - Section Biomedicine (since November 2016)

Daniela Sparrer - Section Biomedicine (since March 2017)


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RIGeL Summer Academies 2018:


 21.-23.06.2018 | Niederaltaich

 20.-22.09.2018 | Plankstetten


Registration will be available here in March 2018.


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