Excursions & Industry Relations


What we provide

We organize visits to biotech and/or other companies, as well as to trade fairs like the "Munich analytica" and others.


Our group members

Dürr Lisa Marie - Section Biomed (since September 2015)

Feder Susanne - Section Biomed (since June 2017)

Fischer Christina - BIOMEDIGS (since June 2019)

Hupfeld Enrico - Section CBB (since April 2017)

Kropp Cosimo - Section CBB, speaker (since November 2018)

Salewski Jan-Niklas - Section Biomed (since October 2017)

Vanselow Sven  - Section CBB (since June 2017)

Vidal Mathilde - Section MEE (since February 2018)

Wagner Florian - Section MEE (since February 2018)

Winter Frederike - Section Biomed (since October 2017)


Contact us

If interested come and join us!
Contact: Excursions.Rigel[at]ur.de

Upcoming and past events



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Office Hours

Monday - Friday: 8:30 - 16.00
or by arrangement


Calendar of Events

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